We need a budget that will:

Invest in working families.

Our teachers and other state employees haven’t had a pay raise in almost a decade — they not only deserve but they desperately need a pay raise. Working families across Oklahoma have been asked for far too long to bear the brunt of the budget cuts, and this has to stop.

Invest in our infrastructure.

We must adequately fund Oklahoma’s health care infrastructure and maintain current road construction priorities.

Invest in our schools.

As a percentage, we’ve cut education almost twice as much as Alabama, and we lead the nation in cuts to state aid to schools. It’s time to invest in our schools so they can stay open five days a week and deliver a quality education to every child.

A blueprint for a better budget.

We have elected to release a responsible three-year blueprint for a better budget based upon the following principles:

  • Address the overall budget situation, not just the public education crisis. The plan ensures there will be enough revenue to avert further budget cuts and invest in key priorities.
  • Acknowledge revenue is part of the problem and modernize the tax system while ending special interest giveaways.
  • Look beyond the current crisis and propose realistic solutions to structural budget problems plaguing the state.
  • Propose reforms to budgeting practices that will increase legislative oversight and reduce the potential for future revenue failures.
  • Model the transparency we believe our elected officials should adopt.

The result is a three-year plan that fills the current budget hole and transparently lays out how to provide quality services Oklahomans deserve at adequate funding levels.

About the coalition

The Save Our State Coalition is composed of nonprofit and professional organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans on the frontlines of public service. Our members, and the Oklahomans they fight for every day, are calling upon our lawmakers to address our state’s universally-known revenue and budget problems.

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