Your 30-second guide to Saving Our State.

Oklahoma is in a budget crisis. As a result, our roads are crumbling, teachers are leaving and basic core services are being slashed. Fixing the situation is up to you – and your state legislator. And the first step you can take is as simple as leaving a voicemail for your State Representative and State Senator.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you say your name, phone number, and address at the beginning of the call (so your elected official knows they are hearing from a person in their district)
  • Be polite, but firm.
  • If you mess up, just dial the number and record again!

Let’s get started!

  • Dial (405) 353-1333 and follow the prompts to leave a voicemail.
  • Follow the script below. (You have up to one minute to record. Feel free to personalize it if you like, but include our website so they know where the call is coming from.)
  • Make sure you leave your address (so we can get your message to the right people).
  • Simply hang up when you are done (or call back if you want a “do over”).
  • We’ll deliver the voicemail to your state legislators on your behalf.

Sample script:

Hi, this is Jane Doe, and I live in your district at 432 Elm Street in Watonga, zip code 73772.

I’m calling to ask you to take the necessary steps to Save Our State and fix our budget. I support education, public safety, good roads and access to health care – and I am calling to ask you to do the same. I understand your job is hard, but it is not impossible. If you need help, please visit Save Our State OK Dot Org and read the budget blueprint, which I support.

Thank you, my phone number is (918) 456-5511 if you have any questions. Goodbye.[Note: Leaving your phone number is optional, but many legislators prefer you do so they can follow up.]

What’s next?

We can’t stress this enough – leaving a voicemail is the most impactful action you can take other than an in-person meeting with your lawmaker. It’s easy and fast, and it makes a difference. After that, here are some other actions for you to take:

  • Print this script, carry it with you, and ask your friends to leave a voicemail also.
  • Share the website – – on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends to call as well.
  • Sign up for more action updates at