Angular and Deciduous Forests 2022

North-Eastern angular forests:

New England has angular forests in the northeastern part of the United States. This type of vegetation is also there in the region of giant lakes.

The leaves of these trees are very sharp and also less broad. Due to this, evaporation is less from them. The peaks of these trees are also notched.

Due to their shape, the snow falling here does not affect them. Khaki brown soil is found here. Due to the leaching action,

the angelic fraction in the V horizontal plate is high. The wood of these trees is soft, which is suitable for making buildings and furniture.

These forests are of great importance from a commercial point of view. These trees grow white pine, jackpine black spruce, balsam fir, birch, etc. Paper pulp is made from them.

North West Angled Forest:

In the North-Western part of the Rocky region, fine-angled forests are also found on the Coast Range and the slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

They extend over the mountain slopes of the states of Oregon and Washington. Due to the humid and cold climate here, dense angled forests are found here.

These types of forests are spread over a wide area in Alaska. Here they are called taiga. In these, Douglas tax red cedar, redwood, yellow pine, sugar pine, alpine fir, etc. trees grow.

Being in inaccessible mountainous areas, they could not be exploited much. The redwood found on the Sieshnewad mountain is the world’s thickest tree.

The world’s oldest trees are still preserved in redwood forests.

The broadleaf deciduous is a broadleaf forest native to the eastern part of the United States. Their territory is in the Appalachian mountain region and its western parts.

In these types of trees grow Maple, Birch, Beech Else, Oak, Chestnut, Poplar, etc. The wood of these trees is hard. through which evaporation is more.

Therefore, when the rainfall is less in winter, their husbands fall. Sugar is made from the sap of the maple tree. Now the forests of this region have been cut.

And in their place agriculture has been developed. This region is counted among the major agricultural regions of the United States.

A belt of deciduous forests is widespread in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Tropical Evergreen Forest:-

Evergreen forests are found in the coastal part of the Gulf of Mexico. They extend into the southern parts of the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, and Florida.

Under their territory comes the delta of the Mississippi River. Delta forests are found here. These are called mangrove forests. Mahogany and Gooey trees grow.

There are many types of creepers on the trees. The gum of the tree of the Trepilagam caste is considered to be the best.

Florida is famous for this glue. The land of this region is flat, so many forests have been cleared for cultivation.

It rains here throughout the year. So the fields have been developed. Florida has fruit orchards. These forest areas are of little use.

Due to being hardwood, it is not useful and due to its density, the work of cutting wood is very inconvenient. But here these forests have now been cleared.

Dry temperate evergreen forest:-

The Mediterranean climate is found in the region of California, located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean between 35° to 40° latitudes.

It receives rainfall in winters from westerly winds and summers are dry due to the blowing of trade winds. The average annual rainfall here is 75 cm.

it occurs. But due to the temperate climate, even this much rainfall is sufficient. Broad-leaf evergreen forests have grown here,

which is different from the warm evergreen forests. The nature of these trees has given such properties due to which they do not fall in the dry season.

Due to their long roots, they penetrate deep into the ground. And the leaves are smooth and hairy, due to which speech in them occurs very slowly.

Their stems are covered by thick bark. Therefore, these plants remain green even in dry summers.

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